We trade in different types of pulses such as  - Chick Peas, Groundnut, Kidney Beans and so on...

Black Matpe

Black matpe or urad dal, are beans similar to mung beans, cultivated extensively in south Asia. Like mung dal, urad dal is derived by splitting the urad bean.

Black-Eyed Beans

Black-eyed beans or chawali are beans with a white body and prominent eye shaped black spot. They were originally cultivated in India, but were later introduced into America and Africa where they are still heavily consumed.

Chickpeas are legumes, which have been cultivated since ancient times. Chickpeas like other pulses are heavily consumed in India.

Chickpeas come in two basic varieties kabuli chickpeas and desi chickpeas. Kabuli chickpeas a larger and lighter coloured chickpeas are permitted for export from India. Desi chickpeas are smaller in size and are relatively cheaper than kabuli chickpeas. Export of desi chickpeas is not permitted, as the domestic production is required to meet the domestic demand, which is very large.


Groundnut or peanuts as they are also referred to are beans, which are used for the preparation of food items or are consumed directly as a snack. The three largest producers of groundnut are China, India and United States. Together they account for more than two-thirds of the world’s production. Currently India is a net exporter of groundnut.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are red colour kidney shaped beans, which are consumed extensively in the northern part of India. The largest producers of Kidney Beans are India, China, Indonesia, United States and Brazil.

Mung Beans or Green Mung Beans as they are commonly referred to, are beans which are cultivated largely in India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, China and Pakistan. Different varieties of mung such as brown mung are also cultivated but less widely and intensely as green mung.

They are an important source of nutrients for vegetarians, and are used in various dishes. When the beans have been split of their hull they are referred to as Mung Dal.

Pigeon Peas

Pigeon peas or tur dal, are peas which are concentrated around the Indian subcontinent, Eastern Africa and the Central America. Majority of the output is produced by India itself, which is used for human consumption. Countries of Eastern Africa such as Tanzania and Mozambique export pigeon peas to India.

Red Lentils

Red lentils or masoor dal as it is also known is a member of the legume family. Having a high nutritional value, they form an integral part of the Indian diet. India is the largest producer and consumer of red lentils.

India’s large demand for red lentils is met by domestic production only partly, the balance being met by imports. India imports large quantities from countries such as Canada, which is the largest exporter of the commodity.