• Rika Group

    The group with its vast experience of over decades is today a market leader in commodities trading and a respected identity in the global arena.

  • With a heritage in foodgrains trading that dates back to the early 20th century, the Group's core activities still focus on imports and exports.

  • The current group turnover as on 31st Mar 2010 stands at US$440 Million.

  • Rika Global Impex Ltd. is the flagship company of the group, accounting for majority of the group turnover. All imports and exports of commodities agro-based or otherwise are performed by…
  • Rika Finance & Investment Ltd. engages in investments of various kinds on behalf of the group. The investments, in financial as well as non-financial assets are undertaken to complement the…
  • Rika Developers (P) Ltd. is the new wing of the Rika Global Impex Ltd. diversifying into the construction sector in full speed and strength.