Our History

Late Shri Piyarelall Agarwal, the founder of the group was a self-made man who started small but dreamt big.

Hailing from Myanmar he was quick to gauge the shortfall between demand and supply of various commodities and started channelising agricultural produce of surplus countries into Indian market and gradually to other parts of the world. The Group owes its present growth to the extraordinary vision of its founder and continually endeavours to live up to his hopes for the future.

If one could go back in time, as far as history could take us, we would find that trading is how all that we know today as 'business' emerged. As providers of goods and services grew, so did competition. In order to survive and prosper, a trader needed to provide much more than just goods. It took business acumen to know where demand existed and which would be the most cost-efficient source that could meet this demand with quality supplies.

It was this proverbial eye for opportunities that saw Shri Piyarelall Agarwal make the first foray into the agro-trading business in Myanmar, way back in the middle of the 20th century. Commencing operations with the export of surplus food grain production and the trading of textiles, the business gradually diversified into the then underdeveloped market of commodity trading. The the group formally began operations as an incorporated body in India in 1981. From its modest beginning the group has maintained the growth curve on not just its import-business, but in all spheres of its activities - from exports to logistics and manufacturing.

Today Late Piyarelallji Agarwal would have been proud to see R.Piyarelall Group of Companies, that he founded grown and spread over its worldwide network of business associates, striving to build new and stronger bridges by connecting supply to demand.

The Management

The Management at R. Piyarelall represents the wisdom and tact of the old along with the energetic efficiency of the new.

Mr. Piyarelall Agarwal's sons and grandsons currently head the group. Mr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, a seasoned businessman with over thirty years of experience in the trade is the Managing Director of the group. Mr. Suresh is the vice-president of the Pulses of Importers Association and is highly respected amongst his peers. His elder son Mr. Karan Agarwal, a Bachelor of Business Administration has been working under his father's guidance and is in charge of the core trading activities. Mr. Rishi Agarwal, a Bachelor of Banking & Finance, is in charge of all financial matters and is responsible for expansion in the non-traditional sectors of the group. Together they represent the fresh faces of the company, bringing in novel ideas and techniques to managing the business.

In the care of these able personalities, the the group continues to shine as it has in the past, as it insures itself sustained revenues and profitability.

The Company Today

The group with its vast experience of over decades is today a market leader in commodities trading and a respected identity in the global arena. With a heritage in foodgrains trading that dates back to the early 20th century, the Group's core activities still focus on imports and exports. The current group turnover as on 31st Mar 2010 stands at US$440 Million.

Over the years, the Group's activities have diversified and divided into member companies under the group. Following companies are handling main activities of the group.