Rika Developers (P) Ltd.

Rika Developers (P) Ltd.

Rika Developers (P) Ltd. is the new wing of the Rika Global Impex Ltd. diversifying into the construction sector in full speed and strength.

By using its high skilled techniques & professionalism of the trading field, Rika Developers (P) Ltd. is moving into the right path of becoming a recognized entity in the construction field.

Forward - looking, progressive and committed to keeping itself one step ahead of the times, Rika Developers (P) Ltd. is all set to enter this new field charged with a whole new force of enterprise and dynamism. In a move to consolidate its plans for the future, the company has entailed the best masterminds in planning, technology and people management in the world. For each project, the company maintains a dedicated team for quality control.

Currently, the company has under construction a site in the suburbs of Mumbai where it is constructing an IT (Information Technology) Park over an area of 3 acres. In addition the company is also in the process of amassing more land for development purposes. Apart from constructing commercial complexes, the company also proposes to enter into construction of warehouses, hospitals and hotels.

Acquiring and harnessing the best of ideas, technology and people are the pillars upon which stands the future of Rika Developers (P) Ltd. A future that's bright, eventful and full of promise.